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Turnkey Solution 

Stunning Oak Frame Construction, Garden Buildings, Cabins and Lodges

We Love What We Do 

Passion for your trade equals quality results

Handcrafted Using Traditional Methods

All our buildings are hand crafted, not a CNC machine is used in our construction 

Handcrafted Traditional and Beautiful  

Designed to suit your specific tastes and requirements 

Garden Rooms

Outdoor Living and Entertaining Spaces

Oak Porches 

Bespoke Designs to Suit Your Style

Ginger Badger Oak

What We Love

We design, develop and construct beautiful oak framed buildings, extensions, porches, sables, outside entertaining areas and multi purpose garden rooms.

We undertake any size oak project from small extensions to restoration work and large homes or offices. 

A timber structure is the sustainable choice, we source our oak and materials from timber mills that practise replanting and sustainable forestry

Your garden room/extension does not always require planning consent, it does not have to be an oak framed building, we can design and build to your specification and budget. 


Our Work Space

Oak Frame Extension Under Construction 

Oak Framed Buildings

Our oak frame buildings are handcrafted offsite and are designed to suit your bespoke requirements. 

Oak is beautiful ancient material, it is wonderful to work with but you have to really understand the nature of the wood, the way it will move, shrink and mature so that a structurally sound, water tight and aesthetically pleasing result can be achieved. This is what we specialize in and have a wealth of skill and experience in, therefore you will not be disappointed with the results. 

Garden Rooms

Our garden buildings and cabins can be constructed offsite or onsite. They can be of oak frame construction or a structural grade softwood frame to minimise costs. 

Often these buildings do not require planning permission as they fall under planning regulations that cover mobile homes and sheds etc. 

We offer oak framed, larch clad Scandinavian style cabins or composite clad timber frame buildings  

How We Can Help

We can help you though the entire process of your project from design, planning, building regulations and construction. We handle all the trades required to deliver a quality result. 

Please use our contact page to get in touch. 

Embrace The Natural Enviroment 

Beautiful Oak Framed Buildings 


Sheila Langford

"I had been considering building a 2 bed lodge in my daughters garden to allow me to rent my home out for some time but it wasn't until Gareth came along and put me at ease with the entire process, the regulations and detailed construction methods employed. This helped me to finally take the plunge. I was not disappointed! The results were stunning and within my budget!"