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2 Bed Garden Annex Complete

Sheila approached us for some advice and a quotation for a 2 bed annex that she was looking into building in her daughter's back garden. Sheila had been considering this build for a number of years.  

Sheila lives next door to her daughter and was considering moving into a new annex so that she could rent her house out as an on going income but with conflicting advice, high quotations and low quality mobile home type construction methods being suggested, Sheila had almost given up on her plans. 

Sheila's main concerns were the quality of the construction methods employed, the longevity of the building, the aesthetics and finally planning permission consideration. 

Ginger Badger helped Sheila through the whole process, provided plans and a letter to send to the local authority stating the mobile home act and planning regulations. 

The council actually responded saying that as long as main meals are taken in the main house then they "THINK" that planning is not required. This is a strange response and one that does not give a clear answer therefore, Ginger Badger suggested a couple of options;

1) Respond stating that some main meals will be taken in the main house, the building and position of the building complies with the regulations covering mobile homes so we will proceed without planning consent 

2) Submit a full planning applications 

2) Exclude a kitchen from the design and build 

Sheila chose to proceed on the basis that should the council raise an issue with the build then she could argue that planning was not required 

We agreed on a price for the build and also agreed that we would not commit to certain elements of specification until we get to this stage i.e. Size and color of doors and windows, roof covering and cladding. 

We built this particular lodge onsite. Sheila was really keen on using sustainable, recyclable and natural materials. Although as we required a lightweight roof construction we were somewhat limited on what we could use and therefore Sheila decided on Tapco slates. 

When it came to the cladding sheila was considering a Marley Cedral product due to longevity and maintenance issues but we thought Green Oak Feather Edged cladding would be more in keeping with the sustainable and natural approach. Sheila gave in and was over the moon with the end result! 

We will upload more pictures soon once the landscaping and external lighting schemes are complete.